Lindworm Frame - One Piece

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238mm True X Geometry - By using a true X layout both handling and tuneability are improved. Extra separation between the props allows good clean air to enter. Expect more control on pitch and higher consistency during yaw manoeuvres. At 238mm the frame maintains the same width as a 220mm compressed X layout.

Lightweight - By designing around modern components parts can be made smaller and more importantly much lighter. All holes and cutouts have been meticulously placed allowing you to easily mount many of the antennas and parts available.

Centered Mass - By weight centered and pulling as much strength into the body as possible the frame is engineered has solid, stable, and responsive flight. A focused center gravity and reduction of material on the arms improves the strength and durability during a crash.

Options - The frames have been designed to run with a bottom or top mount battery. Either paralel to the top plate or sideways.

Micro Cam Mount - The frame is designed to hold micro cams which allowed us to keep the body as tight and thin as possible. Seven holes in the front allow for mounting any size camera by using the normally included brackets. These holes also allow the camera to be moved to make sure it is always protected from damage.

Stack options - The frame has mounting holes for 30.5 or 20mm boards and has additional mounting spaces for two more 20x20 boards such as VTXs or the RunCam Split

Standoff Options - With multiple holes in the baseplate and top plate you are free to run the standoffs wherever suits your build. This lets you get things just right and support the top plate where you need it

Motor protection - Points extending past the motors protect them in a crash whilst removing weight in the most critical area. The cutout in the bolt area allows for reduced weight and easy motor fitting whilst still allowing for 4 screws to be used if you should choose to.

Removable Arms - This version is built rock solid with easily replaceable arms in case you push things a little too hard. Unlike other frames the arms extend across the baseplate giving the whole frame some extra strength. Arms are strengthened as they sweep out from the body to ensure maximum durability.

One Piece - The One Piece design is just as strong as the removable arm version but with even less weight! The lower weight allows for better handling and longer flight times.

Weight = 96 grams